Friday, September 16, 2011

Julia, 4 mons. {WNY Portrait Photographer}

 This sweet little girl's session was a two parter. Julia's mom Jackie and I met for the first half at the local park and because of the need-to-nap crankies decided to finish up in-studio when she a bit more rested and dad could be there for a couple of quick shots of the three of them.

 Her nursery theme is bees and so Jackie had her dressed in her adorable bee outfit and brought a couple of cute bee items for the studio. She also had her in her fairy princess and tutu outfit which looked perfect with the pink fur and embellished crown. Her christening gown was the whole reason we decided to finish up in studio when she was not feeling sleepy because it's such an important outfit to her parents. 

 All in all she looked beautiful in whatever they dressed her in and is one of the happiest babies I've photographed! These are some of my favorite shots.

Thank you Jackie for being a sport and bringing your gorgeous girl to the studio. She really is just such a doll!

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