Thursday, September 29, 2011

Balloons 6 {WNY Portrait Photographer}

 I finished up the Balloons series at the beginning of this month (I had so many August sessions I'm just now starting to Blog September's!). I had met Bailey through her cousin, and my friend, Toni. I cannot remember the exact circumstances, but I'm pretty sure we were meeting for Toni's world famous cakes and to ready Kagen for his princely balloons session.

 I asked Bailey what she liked to do and she said swim. Now, being summer time, that is the top answer I received the last two months. I had already envisioned an in-the-water set after finding this great 1930's swimsuit at a local vintage consignment shop. Of course it was slightly too big for her, but I wasn't about to put pins in something so graciously loaned from Next Generation. 

 The location was easy. I live fairly close to a path that follows the river and is lined with large concrete slabs and rocks. We followed the path a short way to an area that wasn't too overrun with pedestrians and shot away. 

 In editing the shots, I grittied up the files a bit so they looked like they'd been around for awhile, added a bit of texture and did a lot more color play. I created a couple more of my own actions and played with the levels and opacity in each layer to achieve the look I wanted in each image. These are some of my favorite shots.

Thanks for doing a great job Bailey!

 This was the final set in the series, so many more thanks to the families who participated and the kids who modeled. I had thought this would be a bigger project than it was but it turned out to be just right. It helped recharge my creative batteries, work out a new way of editing and get me to be back in control of my sessions. Now I have a slew of other ideas that I'm collaborating with some amazing crafters on and can't wait to continue doing these mini series for myself. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for casting calls!

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