Sunday, September 18, 2011

Balloons 5 {WNY Portrait Photographer}

 I knew I wanted a ballerina to participate in the Balloons series and dancer Madeline fit the bill. She is lovely and graceful and a bit of a diva. But despite the diva in the girl, she listened great and performed each move to the best of her abilities. Wanting to shoot on the beach, she was a real trooper working with me in the rain (it helped that it was still a warm day). 

 I knew I wanted a silhouette of her leaping through the air with the balloons trailing behind her. We did about a dozen takes of the leap and this one of her about to land was my favorite. The back foot is a little awkward but, otherwise, I love this shot. 

 Shooting silhouettes is like shooting a secret person. The shadows wash them in anonymity and can help create a strong mood- loneliness, danger, mystery and more. I feel like these images became lonely as I processed them in Photoshop. It was one of the last great weekends of the summer, but raining and so the beach was empty. In truth, we weren't allowed to be on the beach when we shot but I talked to a couple of lifeguards and made sure we went far enough down the sand that they could truthfully say they couldn't see us to know we were on the beach.

 Most were processed similarly to the other Balloon sessions, but the texture is noticeably heavier to compliment the feel of the wet sand. These are some of my favorite shots. 

 Thank you for doing such a wonderful job Madeline!

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