Sunday, September 18, 2011

Balloons 4 {WNY Portrait Photographer}

  Kagen is a funny little boy. He talks in crazy monster-sounding voices that irritate his mother, has the greatest laugh in the world and thinks his mother is a laugh riot. Kagen is also the son of my fabulous baker, Toni. Of course he was volunteered for the balloon series (which makes sense since most of the participants are within 2 degrees of separation to him. 

 We were originally going to shoot this on the beach but we ended up at the solar park in a different scenic area. I had a Little Prince theme in mind when planning and so Toni made the crown and I picked up the fake sword. I'd imagine old jeans shorts with rough hems but Toni is too responsible a parent to own them. 

 There were phone towers in the backgrounds of a few of these shots that I (obviously) edited out. I used digital fill flash to brighten his face on a few (from the Kubota action pack), added some texture and grunginess and, after color correcting each image individually, ran some through actions. My favorite action packs are the Pioneer Woman packs. There are two and both are free and have almost a dozen actions each.  I have collected a lot of different paid actions and packs but her's remain my favorite. I've used some of them in my own action recipes and really enjoy adjusting the opacity on the individual layers. 

 A couple of these are with my own action recipes, the other two are P.W. actions mixed with textures and the odd random recipe to provide some "oomph!" These are some of my favorite shots.

 Thank you Toni and Kagen! I'm so happy with these (and the rest of the series) have turned out, Kagen did a great job!

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PhotoHawk said...

what program do you use to edit your photos and what actions are you speaking of?