Friday, April 2, 2010

Tiny Gods, the book

While I was sick in February I had the opportunity to complete the layout for the Tiny Gods book. It's 67 pages of color and black and white images on glossy heavyweight paper. Each chapter begins with a digital contact sheet of the subject photographed for it. There are 13 subjects and 8 chapters. The book is here and is available in 2 sizes (12x18 and 6x8), and there are only 10 copies (each signed and numbered) of each size available for sale. 12x18 size is $150 and the 6x8 size is available for $80. If you are interested in ordering a copy, leave a comment with your contact info. No personal information will be published, and those comments will remain private.

The name of the series, Tiny Gods, comes from the idea that we idolize our partner(s). Often times, it appears from the outside looking in that we worship our romantic interests and lovers, thus making them miniature deities. Each piece of writing on each image is about one of my previous loves or another and was written at the time I felt such notions. So each one of those good lookin' individuals I photographed for the series took on the task of conveying what was written on their finished image.

Jonathan and Tosca

I first met the fantastic Tosca and her person Jonathan in August while shooting a modeling portfolio. I got their number so I could photograph her and promptly lost it. Luckily, I ran into them again 2 weeks ago outside of his studio. Jonathan shared the sad news that Tosca's health has been on the decline recently and the 14 year old Leon Berger is not doing well. I made plans to get in his studio a couple of days later to get some portraits of the dynamic duo.

Tosca is a wonderful dog, and I'm pleased I got to spend some time with her and Jonathan recently. I wish them both the best for their remaining time together. You can check out some of Jonathan's killer work at .

Light Painting

I've always been fascinated by light painting and recently began a series in January that was to be entered into a juried show in March. Due to illness, I wasn't able to finish the series and had to pull out of the show but recently I've neared completion of it.

There are almost 20 images in all and I had a great time photographing my 12 subjects, including one brave couple. The framing is taking the longest time because of the sizes and once complete I hope to show in several summer events.

They're kinda creepy, they're kinda weird and each an original...

These creepy guys are miniatures from the game Warhammer 40k that were hand painted by my friend A.P. He hired me to photograph them at the end of December for a couple of online contests and to sell to other gamers and collectors. Each piece is 4 inches or smaller but painted with incredible detail. He paints each one by hand, without the use of magnifiers and the detail is sick!

I photographed about 100 of them in total and it was a much different project for me. I'm more into shooting people and places than small objects, but it was really cool to get to check out the great work A.P. does. He says he only spends a couple of hours on them, once he gets the look in mind he runs with it.

He's previously won national contests for his work and I wish him luck in the upcoming year's.

Keeping busy

I photographed these lovely girls in November, but have been super busy and forgot all about keeping this thing updated. I spent the day with S. and L. and their dad in Delaware Park enjoying the changing seasons and looking for artifacts to remind them of the day. Among some favorites they picked up were ENORMOUS golden leaves.

I always enjoy shooting kids, and have been shadowing a few families for "Day In the Life of..." series recently. It's great getting to see all the different types of families there are, and the kinds of dynamics they have. Other than that, I've also been working on upcoming gallery shows, and a few commercial jobs and am gearing up for modeling portfolio season..