Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Triplets! Oh my! {WNY Portrait Photographer}

 Julia, Sophia and Emma joined me Saturday morning with their mom, dad and Aunt for their 2nd birthday portraits and a cake smash. It was chaotic but a lot of fun and ultimately we got a lot of great shots even though one girl did not want in on the cake action.  

 I had booked their session as part of my Giving is Awesome promotion at the end of May. I encouraged my Facebook fans to nominate someone they knew who deserved custom portraiture. Mom Danielle was one of 6 winners based on this nomination:

 "My sister, Danielle is a truly amazing person!  She deserves to win a photo session and credit! As a mother of (almost) 2 year old triplet girls(Emma, Julia, & Sophia) she cannot afford to have professional shots taken.  She is a special education teacher in the Rochester/Geneva area, originally from Sanborn.  She is a selfless person who always gives back to her community. She participated in the efforts to rebuild New Orleans after Katrina, gives countless hours to provide normal stable lives for her students, along with giving her all to her girls, and their  two step sisters.  She is the kind of person who inspires everyone she meets to be the best they can.  I often ask myself how in the world does she do?  However, she never complains. She feels incredibly blessed to be the mother of 3 toddlers, where most would feel overwhelmed.  She truly is the most patient mother I know, and I think this session would be so special to her to capture this moment in the triplets life! This is an opportunity she won't have again, as the cost to raise triplets doesn't leave much left for photo shoots.  Please consider her in your giveaway! She really does deserve it!"

I am glad I was able to photograph the girls and these are some of my favorite shots.

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