Monday, December 26, 2011

Maya at 3 and 6 months {WNY Portrait Photographer}

  Sweet, sweet Maya! When I met her and equally sweet mom, Renee, I knew I'd be in for loads of super girly portrait sessions. I was first asked to take some portraits of her for a children's boutique site. Quick, in and out 15 minute session, right? Wrong. Maya is the outdoorsy type and was not in to the studio setting in the slightest. So, we packed up and headed outside where we were able to accomplish the necessary shots and get some beautiful portraits in ten minutes. She is one of the cutest babies I've ever photographed, and so sweet. 

Maya and mom came back a week ago for her 6 month session and not much had changed, she was bigger but just as lovely. I am just in love with her big brown eyes. We were scheduled for a mini session so I knew I wanted to pick just the right thing right away; the tiled backdrop and white floor were a given for a girly session with over-sized pearls and her collection of beautiful headbands and rompers. We included my white rocking horse for a few of the portraits and Renee showed me a collage from one of her boy's portrait sessions that I recreated with some very feminine touches.

 Thank you so much Renee for coming to me for your children's portraits. You have such beautiful children and I can only hope they grow up to be at least half as wonderful as yourself!

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