Monday, August 29, 2011

Neven, 7 Days Young {WNY Portrait Photographer}

 Neven's mom, Stacey, was the big winner of my Giving Is Awesome giveaway back in June. Back than we did a maternity session for the first part of her prize and now that sweet boy Neven is here with us we finished up the won sessions.

He was so easy to work with and mom and dad seem to be doing awesome (if without less sleep). We shot a LOT. Four hours flew by before I said goodbye to the newly enlarged family and locked my keys in my studio. But, moving on... This is the nomination received for Stacey.

"Stacey has been through a lot in the past few months and that is why I think she deserves the custom portraits.
It all started 7 months ago, when Staceys father was diagnosed with Leukemia. Stacey was really close with her father, they even worked together, so this was devestaiting to their family. Determined to beat the cancer together, the family pulled together.  Stacey and her husband even decided to finally stop putting off having a baby, so that Pat (Stacey's dad) would be able to meet his first grandchild. After spending so much time at the hospital with her father, through a bone marrow transplant, and rounds of Chemo. Pat's cancer would not relent.
Pat fought a good fight, sadly though, in February, Pat lost the battle with cancer. Although he didn't get to meet his grandchild, cause Stacey isn't due until August, they were able to tell him the sex of the baby on the day he passed away.
Please pick Stacey because she deserves to start some beautiful memories for her son and also her family. Starting with a custom portrait maternity session with you!!!"

These are some of my favorite shots.

Thank you Stacey and Brian for bringing this sweet boy out for his closeup, now comes the fun part of spending your $200 printing credit!

 Kristina, thank you again for a terrific nomination and being so awesome all around.

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