Thursday, August 18, 2011

Micah, 6 Days Young {WNY Portrait Photographer}

New baby boy Micah is the youngest of 3 boys! He also happens to be the quietest! His mom and dad found me through the fabulous Toni at Cake & Dazzle and have been by twice for shoots, this newborn session and a Cake Smash for their middle son. We started off the session at a playground nearby to help the two older boys burn off some energy (didn't work!) and moved onto a scenic park for family shots. After, mom Cami and her sweet baby boy came back to the studio to get some solo shots while dad Jim occupied the other two. Micah was such a sweet boy and very easy to shoot. I'm really looking forward to shooting the rest of their package sessions throughout the next year. These are some of my favorite shots.

 Thank you so much Cami and Jim, you have such beautiful boys and I look forward to watching them grow! My gratitude also goes to Toni, who's work you can find here.

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