Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dominic {WNY Bossy Photographer}

 Dominic has to be one of the most handsome little guys I've ever met, and is chalk full of charisma. He and mom Adrienne joined me Saturday after a cake smash and we got a handful of studio portraits before heading to the park where he showed off his middle fingers to me! It wasn't deliberate of course, but it sure was funny. Here are some of my favorite shots. 

 Adrienne and Dominic, thank you both so much! It was a joy to meet you.


Anonymous said...

Ha! He's going to love that middle finger pic when he's a teen. The first one is my favorite. Beautiful boy.

Adrienne said...

Hahahaha...that was so funny! Thank you so much for humor and the great pictures you took. They came out so beautiful! You are very talented!!