Sunday, February 6, 2011

Layla Turned 1!

 This portrait was taken 7 months ago of then 6 month old Layla, my friend Char's daughter. How she's grown since!

 I was recently asked to come back and do first birthday portraits and take a couple shots at her birthday party. It was a vast difference in weather so I was asked to shoot in-home and these are a couple of my favorite shots. 

We were able to stop by the party a week later to wish the birthday girl a happy day and watch the cake get cut and served.

I love those big, expressive eyes! There were a lot more pictures, but since no one else has seen them yet I will keep them under wraps!

 Also, I just wanted to remind everyone that portrait sessions now through April 1st aren't just good for preserving memories, but they're good to book because you'll be helping a family in need. Please visit my friends' blog at to follow their journey with their little girl. She was born in October and has had to have a brain tumor removed and will now be facing chemo. $50.00 from each portrait session goes to them and you will have some awesome family portraits to boot.

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