Friday, December 31, 2010

New Project & a Return to Older Ones

Early last year I was working on a light painting project for a juried art show. Because of some health issues I had to drop out of the show and haven't finished the project. I'm thinking it's time to finish what I started and maybe I can enter it for the 2011 show. I'm tired all the time, making it hard to get and stay motivated for a superfluous project but I'm getting really sick of looking at the half-complete work in the corner of my dining room.

 I'm trying to stay inspired with personal projects. I love shooting portraits and events, but rarely take pictures of what's going on around me. I photograph the important people in my life on a regular basis but not really the stuff I do or enjoy. Since I'm big into scrapbooking, but hardly have the time for it anymore, I'm starting a new blog inspired by Project Life and an article about taking pictures everyday, relentlessly.

 So far all I've done on it is play with the template a bit, but I've already taken my first 365 photo. I'm thinking that since tomorrow is the start of the new year I will make the time to do an inaugural post tomorrow. I probably won't update it daily, but will aim for weekly with a recap of the week's photos.

 Enjoy welcoming the new year and have a safe and happy night.

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