Friday, April 2, 2010

Jonathan and Tosca

I first met the fantastic Tosca and her person Jonathan in August while shooting a modeling portfolio. I got their number so I could photograph her and promptly lost it. Luckily, I ran into them again 2 weeks ago outside of his studio. Jonathan shared the sad news that Tosca's health has been on the decline recently and the 14 year old Leon Berger is not doing well. I made plans to get in his studio a couple of days later to get some portraits of the dynamic duo.

Tosca is a wonderful dog, and I'm pleased I got to spend some time with her and Jonathan recently. I wish them both the best for their remaining time together. You can check out some of Jonathan's killer work at .

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Anonymous said...

It's Teresa! I don't have a blog so I don't have a name, but I stalked you through facebook and I love everything, of course. I wanted to comment on this post, though, because I have actually met this artist and been impressed by his work, and I spent about ten minutes petting his very sweet dog. This is very sad, and I'm sorry to hear it