Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Commissioned work

My lovely friends Zeta and Justjon commissioned me to do some early morning portraits of them after they checked out my Tiny Gods work. They asked for the Tiny Gods portraits, but I was also able to shoot some of their regular morning routine as they woke and got around. One of my favorite books is of early morning female portraits called Women Before 10 A.M. and getting to shoot Zeta stretch and yawn and kiss Justjon and get good morning hugs from her daughter reminded me of some of those intimate portraits.

The above shot is one of my favorites. I really love that Z is so comfortable with her skin, and dresses it up in what she is comfortable in as opposed to what is only fashionable. She's a girl who could just as easily pull off the itty bitty thong or g string but she looks so much sexier and natural in these cute brief panties. Even J said they were his favorite on her, so I hope they like this picture.

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