Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lightning Round 2, Baby Edition! {WNY Portrait Photographer}

 I am one very lucky girl, not only am I fortunate enough to spend my work days surrounded by wonderful and unique families but I also get to meet brand new, snuggly, perfect newborns. And here's 7 of them Born between November 2nd and January 3rd. Aren't they just beautiful? (And out of order. Sorry families!)

 Adeline is one of the most alert newborns I have ever met, but oh so sweet. Her parents and big sister welcomed her into the world on Dec 2nd and couldn't have been happier to meet her. We shot in home because she was born via c-section and we got to spend a lot of time getting to know each other as I tried to talk her in to taking a nap. My favorite shot of her is of her laying on her parent's bed once she did finally drift off. It just looks ideal. Addie is one of my Watch Me Grow babies and I love getting to document them as they hit different milestones!

 Emma is one of the most cuddly babies I've ever met, and definitely the biggest! She came in to the world, quickly, weighing in at 9 lbs, 9 ozs about two weeks early. Her parents are beyond in love with her and they make a sweet little family. While I worked to photograph Emma, she gave one of the cutest smiles and was just the easiest girl to work on.

 Oh Gia! Look at all of that hair!!! Gia is actually the youngest of the bunch, born just after the new year began. She was born later than expected and the smallest of the bunch. After shooting her family's portraits last spring, and mommy's maternity session in October, I knew I was going to just fall in love with this sweet girl. Since she came in with mom and Grandma, I made sure to get a picture of the three of them. Of course, because of all the hair, I also sent them home with headbands after making sure to get a detail shot of that downy soft hair. Really hoping she doesn't lose it all before the next family portrait!

 Jaxson was hands down, the easiest newborn I have ever worked with! I don't think I've ever had such an easy time shooting as many different poses in such a short period of time. I'm pretty sure he didn't take one break, he was so cozy! Because he was comfortable, we were able to photograph him with his parents wedding rings, a gifted blanket, his hat that was made for him, some sweet booties and some fun stuff from the studio. It was a great session and I hope to see him again in the future!

 Oliver was the oldest of my newborns, making him a little more fussy. We met when he was a month old for a session at home, right after Addi's. When photographing newborns, patience is the biggest virtue a photographer can have, right there with talent and skill. It took just over an hour to get his mama's requested portrait with him, but it was soo worth it to get those beautiful, calm eyes with his mother's stunning smile.
 He was such a hungry little guy that I think we spent more downtime getting to know everyone while he nursed than shooting, so I invited him with his mom and sisters back to my studio for some more shots the following week. Again, worth it!
 Also, it's important to be able to laugh at the ridiculous during newborn sessions. Oli peed on himself while we were getting his last in home shot of him cradled in mom and dad's hands and pooped all over his poor mama while we were working on their portrait together. I know some parents have become embarrassed in studio by these things, but it's natural and can happen at times that make it almost comical. Dads get the horrified look and moms apologize, but it happens almost every single time. I just laugh it off- poop happens!

 Peyton surprised us all by arriving about 6 weeks early so we met when she was about a month old. She was another cozy baby who I couldn't get enough of. I almost didn't get that beautiful smile though as it happened just as I was turning to adjust a light. The only time she wasn't thrilled to be touched and prodded was during her portrait in the main studio room with her big sister, she was just too comfortable in her bed of blankets in the newborn room. She was back in a week later for holiday portraits and I'm excited about tomorrow since it's time for her 4 month session as part of her Watch Me Grow package!

 Would you just look at the beautiful lips on Sophia Lorianna? Her family was given a gift certificate as a birth gift by one of my regular families and I was just smitten from the moment she came in the door! Another super easy to work with baby who loved to be cuddled- I was on cloud 9. Some of my preferred vendors had recently sent me some wonderful newborn items before I met Sophia and because she was so easy to work with I was able to knock a lot of the shots out for them. She's another one of my Watch Me Grow babies and I am so excited about what the rest of her first year will bring us!

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